Ruth Lane (b.Toronto, ON,1967) is a self taught figurative painter living in Elora,ON.  The subject matter Lane paints from is varied, however recently her practice relies more and more on producing images based on memory rather than visual reference.   In current painting practices she is exploring the themes of loss and impermanence. Working in emulsion paint, Lane combines elements of both figurative and abstract painting to represent the moment when natural environments and memory engage.
Her work is in private collections in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Artist Statement


2019 to present

In this body of work I am exploring the themes of loss and impermanence. At this time I am combining elements of both figurative and abstract painting to convey a state of flux; this is to say  becoming, and unbecoming simultaneously. This series represents a deep and rippling concern for the well-being of our biosphere. I am likewise alluding to the irrefutable connectivity between industry and the natural world. 




For me, painting is a highly personal experience, during which time I explore questions regarding identity as fluid rather than fixed. The subject matter I paint from is varied, but portraiture and figures are my true passion. I work from personal photographic images and life interchangeably. When painting, whether it be a landscape, portrait, or figure my primary concern is to capture the emotional content. While the portraits and figures I render reflect what is familiar, I am even more interested in conveying the inner workings. This is to say; what might be going on beneath the surface. I feel that this is where the dialogue begins, and space is provided for individual reflection.